Adaptive Home Automation

by: Renjith V S   /   Jan 26, 2017

Since the common home automation systems just start to integrate at least facial recognition in their solutions, Adaptive Home Automation goes one step further. The system’s ability also to recognize the amount of power consuming for each devices, the ability to adapt the switing on and switching of to each systems, the position of its users inside the house makes it possible to grant individual access rights to every device and for every user.

The adaptive home automation system adaptively changes it's comnfiguration based on the the users which are registered their setting with the system . Our new AI based system start working based on the the physical appearance of the person.

Status Flow Diagram

12 Dec

Analysed the technolgies to impose in Home Automation.

14 Jul

Initiated the study to categorize the problems in current technology relating to home automation

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