Engineering Solutions

Engineering Solutions is a parent company of Future Solutions and a product design, development, innovation and approval company, with over 5 years' experience in creating products that deliver growth to our clients.We combine market and technology insights with a team of highly skilled engineers in the designatory rank of chartered engineer to provide integrated products, from initial concept to manufacture. With end-to-end capabilities in research, hardware, software, engineering, project management, intrinsic safety and manufacturing, we support our customers with the resources to deliver commercially effective solutions.

We, Engineering Solutions stands as standards on the engineering related developments. We also provide quality standards under the privillages of Chartered Engineer License.

Support & Services

We are offering Products, Solutions & Services to various industry verticals in the field of
Electrical, Automation & Instrumentation, Production, Software and more...

Chartered Engineer Services

As an Independent Chartered Engineer by THE INSTITUTION OF ENGINEERS (INDIA), we are authorized for issuing certificates required by Customs, Banks and Financial Institutions for the following aspects.Chartered Engineer Services in India are available to obtain a CE Certificate prior to the shipment of goods to or from the country. Engineering Solutions is a trusted Chartered Engineers provider that can help you obtain a CE Certificate to clear through Indian customs. We have a huge list of registered Chartered Engineers associated with us, who carry out a thorough inspection and issue comprehensive reports in the required format for the Chartered Engineer Certificate as per the mandate of Indian Excise and Customs.

Certificates Issued by Chartered Engineer

♦ Installation Certificate ♦ Import of Second Hand Plant & Machinery per Container
♦ Advance License ♦ Export of Defective Parts for Repair & Return
♦ Pre-Shipment Inspection ♦ Computation of Installed Capacity
♦ Repair/Renovation Estimation Certificate ♦ Utilization Certificate
♦ Inspection Certification ♦ Import and Export of Plant and Machinery
♦ Installation Certificates for Banks, Central excise, Custom requirements ♦ Import of Second Hand Machinery & Spares for industries
♦ Manufacturing Process Certificates for the industries ♦ Raw Material Consumption or End Use Certificates for industries
♦ Export of Defective parts &Equipment for repair for custom department ♦ Exemption of goods supplies to Service Providers for industries and business
♦ Pre-Shipment Inspection ♦ Computation of Installed Capacity

Technology Services

System Engineering

In the interdisciplinary approach we develop and realize complex technical systems in large projects. Starting with the concept development, requirements analysis, architecture development, then follows the system design, modelling with modeling tools. Engineering Solutions undertakes consultancy in systems engineering to support you to find the best solution.

Requirements Engineering

We support you in all fields of requirements engineering and management, from the elicitation of initial user requirements, to the analysis, specification and documentation of technical system and component requirements right up to tool supported requirements management. Moreover, we will consult you on implementation and optimization of requirements engineering and requirements management processes, methods and tools.

Test Engineering

Identification of errors as early as possible reduces subsequent errors and additional costs. We support you in all fields of test engineering and management, from the creation of test concepts and test strategies, to test definition and test execution. We also support you in out-tasking of whole test processes. Moreover, we will consult you about implementation and optimization of test engineering and test management processes, methods and tools.

Project Management

Engineering Solutions provides all Project Management Services for you to efficiently plan and manage projects in a dynamic environment. We also consult you during implementation and realisation of modern project management methods and tools, take over the role as coordinating link between your project partners to make sure you can concentrate on your core activities.


Engineering Solutions provides you automation technology and high-tech electronics consulting, in addition to project management and support to the advanced automation technology. Optimization of processes, efficiency, performance, and quality are also included. We help you with the development of complex physical and statistical models for technical environments and with simulations and parametric optimizations.

Case Study

Engineering team at Engineering Solutions has highly skilled and experienced resources. We have different teams for providing solutions to various industries like Aerospace, Pharmaceutical, Healthcarem, Production, Manufacturing, Electrical, Automation and others. Our teams have expertise in providing specialized services like Reverse engineering, 3D rendering, Retail space planning, 3D product animations and many more. Read some case studies of Engineering Services where we provided our customers high quality services at cost-effective rates.

AI & ML Platform

AI & ML Platform enables the prediction of customer behaviour and buying pattern. Retail data are unstructured in many manners and cannot be used for specific purposes as and when required. AI&ML powered automated analytics on retail data helps in cost optimization and suggest optimal sales promotion activities. AI & ML gives insights to micro data analysis to empower the strategic decision making process in terms of production, distribution, marketing and so on.

Software Development

We are a custom software development company that identifies the gap and opportunities, and crafts web, mobile and IoT based solutions that help you disrupt, attain efficiency & accelerated business performance.