by: Renjith V S   /   Jan 26, 2017

As any data professional in healthcare will tell you, there’s a big difference between implementing a robust informatics program and simply hoarding data with no design for implementation of that data in care delivery. This latter kind of data accumulation and storage is characterized by conventional filing systems that organize paper documents, an organizational strategy that usually led to proprietary systems that prioritized fast access to key information. But these paper files could be unwieldy and difficult to standardize. As digital storage became more prominent and accessible, the amount of data that could be stored within these systems also increased. With this increase comes the temptation to save absolutely everything, which leads to shoddy information storage with little hope of retrieving appropriate information at the right time.

Our system is intentianally developed to help those information into valuable decision making tool in all aspect. The system uses multi level architecture and fromulated with in the leagal standard.

Status Flow Diagram

2 Feb

It start with a question! How we see Health Care science in the coming future

22 Apr

Finalized the concept with the survey covering hundreds of health care professionals with a concecutive approaches.

14 Jan

Fs. has been come up with a team of experts to start the feasibility of implementation in an effective way.

28 Mar

Project has been reviewed and finalized.

12 Jan

Phase one has initiated with the goal of designing the prediction algorithms.

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