Mind Controlled Automation

by: Renjith V S   /   Jan 26, 2017

With the growing dependence of mankind on the use of different electronic devices in day to day life, man wants to have easy handling to these electronic devices and easiest one is the possible brain wave command to electronic devices. Users want electronic devices to work through the control of brain waves without even to use of hands. Scientists and engineers are working to make this happen and great advances have been achieved towards brain-computer interface or controlling electronic devices with brain waves. Forget about keyboard, mouse, touchscreens or even voice recognition: the real dream is thinking about what we want our electronic gadget to do.

Imagine a future where we can move anything with just our mind. The idea of interfacing minds with machines has long captured the human imagination.

Status Flow Diagram

2 Apr

Research on putting high filtration signal processing scheme has been started to efficeintly extract EEG signals

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