Non-Invsive Disease Diagnosis

by: Renjith V S   /   Jan 26, 2017

In the last few decades,our research team have been trying to implement a new methodology in the medical field which has provided tools to help doctors reach medical diagnoses non invasively.The aim of this project is to come up with a portable device that is able to detect earlier stage cancer based on spectral signal, here we use the system design using various techniques, sophisticated algorithm, labelling and prediction methods that would lead to minimally-invasive disease diagnosis and prognosis. This approach will demonstrate a device coupled with quantitative analysis, along with classification analysis on on-board computing device, is able to discriminate between the biomarkers (proteins, lipids, collagen, esters …) of healthy and cancer fluid samples. In terms of future healthcare technologies and innovations, the focus of healthcare shifts from treating illness to sustaining wellness. With the development and the use of this device in the field of Oncology is useful to help in the identification of biomarkers, cancer-risk assessment, histopathology, drug discovery and in vivo clinical applications.

Status Flow

2 Feb

It start with a question! How we see Health Care science in the coming future

22 Apr

Finalized the concept with the survey covering hundreds of health care professionals with a concecutive approaches.

14 Jan

Fs. has been come up with a team of experts to start the feasibility of implementation in an effective way.

28 Mar

Project has been reviewed and finalized.

12 Jan

Phase one has initiated with the goal of designing the prediction algorithms.

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