Renewable Energy Harvesting System

by: Renjith V S   /   Jan 26, 2017

The solar energy that reaches the earth exceeds by far humankind’s needs and other energy sources at ground level, such as geothermic or tidal energy, nuclear power, and fossil fuels. Solar energy is a renewable and sustainable form of energy. Solar irradiance includes infrared radiation and thus provides adequate energy to operate solar thermal technologies requiring reduced solar energy. Thus, many regions of the world have enough solar irradiance to utilize solar heating and cooling technologies.Technologies requiring higher irradiation are suitable for these regions, providing significant utilization potential for both solar heating/cooling applications and solar electricity through concentrating solar power and photovoltaics.

The specially designed photo voltaic cell is capable of producing the power of % which is comparitively higher than the conventional photovoltaic method. This photovoltaic cell is capable of producing the energy even during the night time, which is far more effective and different than the conventional methods. The overall efficency of the system is optimum

Status Flow Diagram

11 Mar

Research has been started to integrate / cluster new techniques to the current photovoltaic panel to work under no light.

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