Smart Pen

by: Renjith V S   /   Jan 26, 2017

A smart pen is not acutally like a pen what it does. It is designed and made for the professionals . This is capable of doing multitask that would ease professionals hectic job schedules. It is having included call function, slide presentation capability , writing notes and more

It is designed such a way to accurately analyse your voice to activate other functions correlated with the mobile apps.

Features of Sinature Pen :

  • Write anywhere and access from Cloud Based Notes
  • Use as Stylus Pen
  • Use as Computer Mouse
  • Use as Regular Pen
  • Call Functions
  • Notifications
  • Pedometer
  • Smart Home Remote
  • Android TV Remote

Status Flow Diagram

2 Feb


14 Jan

Design and functianality updated for feasibility work

14 Jul

Protype has been tested

9 Aug

Updated for added Featues

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