Smart Shoe

by: Renjith V S   /   Jan 26, 2017

Our researchers are taken a significant step towards harnessing the energy that is generated through walking by engineering device that can harness power from specific aspects of the human walking gait. Presenting their results inSmart Materials and Structures, the researchers have created a device that generates power when the heel of a shoe strikes the ground, device that generates power when the foot is swinging.

The shoes can be used as a navigation device for the blind or a fitness tracking system for those with sight—for counting steps taken, calories burned, monitoring and remembering workout routines, and more. It can even alert wearers if they’re near a point of interest and provide more information about that place.

Status Flow Diagram

2 Jan

A new concept of using shoes as a wearable device has come up with one of our team memebers.

1 Sept

Things which can be included to the smart shoes has been concluded.

14 Jul

Powering the electronics in the smartshoes has been given to a new tittle as self charging self powered.

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