Wireless Body Sensor

by: Renjith V S   /   Jan 26, 2017

Wireless body sensor network (WBSN) technologies are considered one of attracting research areas in computer science. When combined with the healthcare application, it provides high value technology of comprehensive healthcare monitoring solution in extreme situations including high altitude or disaster area enabling the ground controller to monitor remote pilots or earthquake victims in real time by combination of wireless sensors and sensor networks. Sensor networks are irregular clusters of communicating sensor nodes, which collect and process information from onboard sensors, and they can share some of this information with neighboring nodes. By recent technological advances in the integration of ultra-low power networks of miniatured sensors, embedded microcontrollers and radio interfaces on an all-in-one chip can collect important physiologic informations from the surrounding environment efficiently. In addition, the sensed physiological data transmitted to a remote healthcare provider can be modulated and fed back by processing software such as artificial intelligence system enriching capability of the sensor network. Our research team have been trying to implement a new methodology in the medical field which has provided tools to help doctors reach medical diagnoses non invasively. While these tools wil have been successfully used and will implemented to detect and identify certain diseases, many conditions are diagnosed using methods with optimum level of accuracy, especially in the early stages of their development . Thus, most of the diseases can be cured, there remains a need for the devices that target these facets to provide early diagnosis and analysis for each patient that is altogether more cost effective, accurate, and non-invasive.

The diagnosis can be effective on from simple viral disease to cancer detection . Several techniques are used in diagnosing . Non-invasive procedures are those that use the least invasive technique to determine a diagnosis.

Status Flow Diagram

2 Feb

It start with a question! How we see Health Care science in the coming future

22 Apr

Finalized the concept with the survey covering hundreds of health care professionals with a concecutive approaches.

14 Jan

Fs. has been come up with a team of experts to start the feasibility of implementation in an effective way.

28 Mar

Project has been reviewed and finalized.

12 Jan

Phase one has initiated with the goal of designing the prediction algorithms.

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