Wireless Power Transfering

by: Renjith V S   /   Jan 26, 2017

In this modern era, the market of hand-held mobile devices have grown by leaps and bounds, prompted by the rapid enhancement in technology, software, hardware, and size . All these state-of-art devices are powered mainly by batteries.Having more power consumption .Battery size and capacity has not been able to scale at the rate of the power demand and due to which it requires to be charged very often. So you still have to carry around chargers and have a number of wires you have to grapple with frequently, making you feel as if you are still in stone-age even with a futuristic looking gadget in hand. For these reasons, We have been working on to develop methods to transmit power wirelessly that could cut the clutter and the hassle for carrying so many add-ons to a device. It may sound futuristic but not unrealistic.

Wireless transmission of energy is actually very common in world . In the form of electromagetic waves.This technology will power everyones gadgets who're reading this

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